Doina Bundaru

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I have always been inspired by painting and the arts, being at the same time drawn to the sciences. In the end, I chose an engineering education which I completed with a master's degree at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers in Bucharest, Romania. In 2014 I decided to allocate time to my old passion, the arts. A number of painting and drawing classes and workshops at the Cummings Centre, École des Beaux-arts de Montréal EBAMA, allowed me to fully immerse myself in this beautiful world of colors. As a member of the "Artists Circle West Island", Kirkland Artists Association and Women’s Art Society Montreal, I participated in more than 50 exhibitions: 3 solo exhibitions, group exhibitions with associations and various organizations, exhibitions at the Gallery Gora, Galerie Ambigu, Galerie Lenoir, Galerie Valmi, CAMAC, BOA Gallery, Salon des Artistes 2023 Bonsecours Market, Montreal, Viva Vida Art Gallery.


When I paint, it’s like I go on an exciting trip. The journey starts with the seed of an idea, followed by some planning, after which I let myself guided by my emotions, colors and music. It becomes more exciting as I progress into this beautiful and endless world of colors and shapes, and sometimes accidents may happen and I may arrive at a different destination, but I have fun along the way and, most of all, I enjoy the creative process. In my paintings I get inspired by daily life, beautiful sunsets, interesting shapes, nature’s beauty, and I use colors, shapes and texture to bring my emotions to canvas. I like to use acrylic and mixed media in my paintings, and my style has evolved from figurative to abstract over the years. I enjoy experimenting, working with textures and playing with layers of paints and materials until the paint "speaks" to me. Colors, shapes and texture are very important in my artistic approach, as I am using them to explore and translate my emotions into visual expressions.


Acrylic on gallery canvas.


Part of a series of paintings where the main color is blue, "Golden Storm" is an abstract interpretation of an autumn storm, it is a dynamic and uplifting painting.

Doina Bundaru


Mixed media on canvas.


A forest in the winter is just beautiful! The light shining through the snowy, frozen trees, the quietness, the fresh air, all are elements that make a walk in the forest a magical experience. This painting is from imagination, and I used the palette knife to create the movement and the light.

Doina Bundaru