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I am Andrea "Dre" Cheung, an award-winning illustrator and art director from Hong Kong, currently based in Montreal. I hope you taste a moment of joy through my work, be it in a tranquil jungle, a towering alpine mountain, or a steaming plate of dumplings. Simple things like these inspire me to share the colourful flavours of life, and I hope you enjoy them too.


I am often on the road looking for new inspiration- because my crafts are rooted in food, traveling, and nature. I express my love for the vibrancy of life through rich, luscious, and nuanced colour palettes, drawing attention to the extraordinary details in ordinary everyday situations with my painterly realism.


Acrylic on wood panel.


Dramatic limestone cliffs like these always make me feel the thrill of adventure. I imagine being washed ashore after a wreck, eyes opening to this immense wall and wondering if there are friendly inhabitants nearby. Or I could be some sprightly character, ready to hop onto a pirate ship that is docked nearby.

Ready to hang with a back d-clip hook, protected with 50:50 matte/satin varnish

Dre Cheung