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Ehiko is a multidisciplinary artist born in Lagos, Nigeria and living in Toronto, Ontario.

The principal subject matter explored in her work is Decolonization, Health and Wellness, Unravelling Spirituality linked to traditional Afrakan masks, Sexual Violence, and the Representation of Melanated Hair.


An OCAD University graduate, whose shown work in Lagos and Toronto, Ehiko experiments on and manipulates raw canvas due to it’s flexibility. Her artistic style is characterized through an expressive pallet. Through the use of a variety of textiles she emulates the traditional Nigerian practice of craftsmanship through largescale multi-medium paintings, performances, drawings, and installations.

She has a private collection of purchased work that is available upon request.


Acrylic, oil pastels and house paint on raw canvas.


The duality of life and death represents the Janus headdress also known as ungulali (flute) an important instrument that accompanies the masquerade while it dances. Appearing in Benue state, specifically with idoma peoples to celebrate agricultural harvest, funerals and entertainment. This painting emphasizes the importance of duality, rituals and community. Duality of the masculine and feminine, deities, life and death; and the balance that comes forward with shifting perspectives.

As we experience challenges and duality of life we rely on our communities (alive or transitioned) to guide us through it. The birds at the top of the headdress symbolize life and fertility but also sacrifice and death. Two hard truths that exist at once. Using various mediums such as oil pastels, acrylic paint and conté this painting causes one to remember that we cannot escape life or “death” but we can celebrate them.

ehiko odeh