Elena Nahum Leroy

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Apart from many artists, I wasn’t a child who showed talent from first ages, and my first scribbles were just scribbles, and nothing else.

Did I like art? Yes. Did I know that I’d become an artist? No. Did I want it? Yes. Did I believe in it? No.

I was a very smart girl with deep interests and talents in math and science, experiments and loved creating things with hands. I didn’t have a chance to attend an art school, because of many reasons: too far from home, too much homework, and, what’s the most devastating, who needed arts when even the essentials were not available. People were spending a lot of time in lines to buy basic groceries.

So, I even didn’t dare to think to pursue artist’s way. I made a practical choice and got my Master’s Degree in finance and built a good career as an investment analyst. A problem of paying bills was solved. Even being a student, I found financial jobs and started building my career.

However, I always had an internal call to paint and was substituting this with crocheting, knitting, sewing, photography etc. But I am what I am, and hiding from myself can’t become a long-term strategy.

In 2005, as soon as I found an art school for adults, I started taking classes. Just to learn, without any ambitions. Painting turned in to my obsession: it was never enough and was always in my mind.

Since then, my life was gradually changing. In 2009, when I moved to Canada and settled down in Vancouver, BC, I got two real options: begin a new career, either in financial sector, or in arts. I chose the letter.

The same year I opened my art studio with RUSART Fine Arts name, where I have been teaching arts to children and adults. Since then, I'm a full-time artist.


Like many artists with academic backgrounds, I started with realism in classic techniques: pencil drawing, watercolour, and oil. However, I got bored with copying the life I see around me (and the life wasn’t necessarily that beautiful and pleasant), so I turn to another path, more creative and full of freedom.

The world is full of pain and if I depict violence or suffering, it doesn’t help. Now, my art blends whimsy, creativity, and vibrant colours, radiating happiness and fun. It embraces traditional elements with a quirky twist, creating a modern vintage aesthetic that captivates my audience and brings them to my art shows.

I prioritize originality, ensuring my work stands out. Bold and colorful, it transports viewers to a grand fairy tale world, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Its unusual beauty offers a glimpse into my imaginative mind.

Through my art, I aim to inspire and evoke emotions, inviting them on an enchanting journey. It is stunning, thought-provoking, and explores timely themes. It is an authentic expression of who I am, sparking joy and wonder in those who encounter it.