Eleni Tsatsanis

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Eleni Tsatsanis was born and raised in the city of Vaughan, Ontario. Since a young age, art has always been her passion and drive. She enjoys working in acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media mediums to create detailed animal and floral paintings. As well, Eleni explores movement and colour in an abstract style.

Eleni has always had a passion for creating and teaching art. Her parents discovered her talent at a young age and enrolled her in at the Woodbridge Art School at the age of six. Eleni was inspired to discover her artistic style at the Woodbridge Art School and create a portfolio that she used to attend St. Elizabeth High School's Regional Arts Program. Eventually, Eleni returned to the Woodbridge Art School as an art assistant, and later became an art teacher, where her love for teaching and creating art could co-exist. While being a part-time art teacher at the Woodbridge Art School, Eleni is also an art educator at the McMichael Art Collection in Kleinburg. By facilitating student tours in the gallery, studios, and outdoor programs, Eleni shares her enthusiasm and knowledge of Canadian art history and the history of the McMichael grounds.

As well, Eleni is a recent graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD University) where she majored in Drawing and Painting (BFA), and minored in Social Sciences. She is currently enrolled at Lakehead University, where she plans to receive a Bachelor of Education (BEd). She is working towards her dream of becoming a high school art teacher where she can give back and inspire others the way past art teachers have inspired Eleni to push her creative boundaries.


The intention behind each piece of her work is to transform a blank canvas, into a piece of artwork that brings life and colour into an otherwise lifeless room.