Elizabeth Metcalfe

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Elizabeth is a self-taught artist who lives and works out of her home studio in Ottawa. Since studying art history, psychology and education at university, she has raised a family, enjoyed a fulfilling career in education and travelled to many parts of the world. She paints landscapes, still life and florals - anything that captures her eye.

Elizabeth has exhibited works in local juried art shows and is currently a member of Art East Ottawa, Art in the Neighbourhood and The Ontario College of Teachers. She primarily works with acrylic paint but has explored many other mediums in art including sculpture, print-making, fibre arts, and water-colour painting. She is passionate about infusing creativity into all that she does and encourages her own children and students to do so as well.


From majestic Canadian vistas and landscapes to exquisite garden flowers to domestic still-life, I am inspired by ephemeral qualities of our world: the luminosity and reflections in glass and water; the saturation of colour in flowers and trees; the movement of clouds in the sky; and the stillness of fog settling on a sandy beach. The painting process is an amazing journey that feeds my soul and grounds me to nature, while challenging me to grow artistically. I am continually searching for ways to capture the colour, shape, movement and light with brushes, paint and palette.