Elva Nykyforuk

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Elva Nykyforuk was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta ,Canada. The daughter of both immigrants, her parents believed that through travel she would see the world and the beauty in all cultures. She is a self taught artist skilled in various art techniques and styles. Her favorite way to paint by far is by palette knife. She believes that a painting should not only be looked at, but want to be touched as well. Her use of vibrant colors, 3D texture and style, creates a visual effect of both boldness , depth and beauty. Her influences and inspiration comes from places she has visited, their multiculturalism, landmarks, and history.


I want when people see my art and my paintings to feel like they have walked into a fantasy world of color, texture, and emotion.I want to let people escape, even for a minute, into fantastical places and images that I see in my mind and transmit to a canvas.