Emil Jayatileke

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My name is Emil Jayatileke, and I'm a Toronto-born, Sri Lankan-Canadian visual media artist. The extent of my formal artistic training was drawing Goku from Dragonball over and over again as a child.

Since then, my interests expanded into math and science, and I became a Civil Engineer after studying at the University of Toronto - but practicing art was still a grounding factor in my journey. I experimented with acrylic painting, sculpture, scratchboard and map-making; all media that I still work with today. Over the last year, I've had more agency to pursue my artistic side, and I'm excited for the new roads that it may reveal.


Capturing the light on a subject, captures its essence, in a fleeting moment.

Whether it's scratchboard, painting or drawing, my work aims to capture the light, extend that moment indefinitely, and discover something beyond. My goal is to inspire those to see something new in something familiar, and see something familiar in something new.