Eunju Park

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Hanji Artist; pursuing my passion of sharing Korean Art with the world


After living in Canada for the past decade, I started to feel a disconnect to my heritage, and wanted to explore traditional artifacts in an attempt to reconnect with my Korean roots. This is where I discovered using Hanji as an art medium. Hanji is beautifully woven paper produced from Mulberry Trees, which I craft into abstract positive messaging and images. The process of creating Hanji Art is extremely therapeutic for me, and I have an invigorated passion to share this centuries old vibrant paper with the modern world.

$800.00 CAD

Hanji (Korean traditional paper) on canvas.


Eunju uses Hanji, a high-quality traditional Korean paper, in her process. She skillfully tears and manipulates this paper, combining it with Hangul, the Korean alphabet, to create tactile and expressive artworks.

Eunju Park