Farzaneh Ali-Hosseini

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I was born and raised in Iran. I was drawn to art and painting from a young age. The culture I grew up in did not see art as a viable career option which led me into a career in health care.
In my early twenties I immigrated to Canada and chose Toronto as my permanent home.
As a first generation immigrant, I struggled to survive and I had to put art on the back burner. It was not until 2015 when I finally got the opportunity to pursue my lifelong passion. I took guidance and mentorship from many talented artists to fine tune my skills in oil painting. I have been working on my art full time now.


In my Oil paintings I explore the question of fundamental interaction between different forces that govern life. I am interested in documenting story of life within representation of landscape.
I find inspiration in nature and how it is constantly changing by mankind. I hope that my paintings inspire its viewers to look at their surrounding differently.