Ferida Dilmaghani

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Ferida Dilmaghani is a Toronto based visual artist. Her works are often in the style of abstract expressionism which allows her to express her inner feelings. Feelings that are connected to her childhood memories. These memories are from the time she grew up close to nature on a farm. As a child, she spent most of her time collecting flower petals, tree leaves, colorful dirt and fruits, sat under the warmth of the sun, and mixed these with water to make dye. These experiences help her to express her emotions in her artwork.


In her most recent project, she works with Ginseng bonsai plants. Ferida uses her personal colours influenced by her childhood memories and also uses the unique shape of the bonsai plant to create ambiguous spaces and shapes. Shapes that are often in-between plant stems, roots and leaves and human body parts. She depicts a commonplace object in a way to show different perceptions of it, leaving the audience with their own interpretations of her work.