Firouzeh Saremi Far

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Firouzeh Saremi Far; Painting and Sculpture major at OCAD University, is an artist, based in Toronto. She has attained various art certificates in Tehran and Dubai.


Firouzeh’s works are focused on abstract genre and reflect human matters. She illustrates struggles of everyday life and tries to create hope and optimism through her art. Influenced by nature, and her concerns are global warming, human rights, poverty, addiction, hunger, homelessness, and consequences of war. She teaches painting and colour studies to young children, by doing so, she gets inspired and innovates new designs. Currently, she is working on a new collection: “Epic Of Khorramshahr” with a concept of war that contains 11 pieces for her solo exhibition. Also, she is completing three of her collections which are named: “Dream Of A Burned Forest”, “Harmony” and “Parts Of Me”.

$2,000.00 CAD

Acrylic on canvas.


This piece is a metaphor of a woman’s soul which is disintegrating. Women have been severely oppressed by those in power for thousands of years. There are lots of women, who grow up with rules and restrictions, big and small, which are against the human rights. In all over the world there are many women who have been irrigated with cruelty, hatred, fear, anger, regret, but they desire to be developed human beings, as fertile lands. They are ready to free themselves from the chains attached to their roots and experience freedom and boundlessness. Therefore, whoever has a chance, should be the voice of women and girls who are neither seen nor heard.

Firouzeh Saremi Far