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Firouzeh Saremi Far; Painting and Sculpture major at OCAD University, is an artist, based in Toronto. She has attained various art certificates in Tehran and Dubai.


Firouzeh Saremi Far, a Painting and Sculpture major at OCAD University, is a Toronto-based artist. She is influenced by Fauvism, Expressionism, and Abstract art movements, and her works rely on these styles. Her art reflects concerns regarding critical global issues like global warming and human rights, demonstrating a blend of artistic perspective and social consciousness.

Firouzeh's art explores the intricacies of everyday struggles and the human condition. Her perspective is further enriched by her role as an art teacher for young children, where she draws inspiration from their unfiltered creativity and innovative approaches to color and design.

Currently, Firouzeh is working on two sculpture collections, "Shattered Harmony" and "Parts Of Me". Simultaneously, she is developing two painting-sculpture collections titled "Harmony" and "Epic Of Khorramshahr". These collections exemplify her commitment to creating art that resonates with conceptual themes and narratives.

The artistic endeavors of Firouzeh Saremi Far are a reflection of her commitment to creating art that resonates with meaning and purpose. Through her works, she gently want to stir emotions and addresses her hopes and concerns regarding global issues.


Acrylic on canvas.


This piece was exhibited in " your brain on art" exhibition.

This work depicts a mind in perpetual motion, caught in an endless loop of thoughts and concerns. Inspired by the unique perspectives of individuals with Autism, it tells the story of a mind teeming with ideas, dreams, and stories waiting to be expressed in their own distinct way. Despite the chaos that often accompanies this type of thought process, the beauty and richness of the mind's inner workings are undeniable.

Firouzeh Saremi Far