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Firouzeh Saremi Far; Painting and Sculpture major at OCAD University, is an artist, based in Toronto. She has attained various art certificates in Tehran and Dubai.


Firouzeh Saremi Far, Painting and Sculpture major at OCAD University, is an artist based in Toronto, she has ability to capture the essence of human emotions in her works. With art certificates attained in Tehran and Dubai, Firouzeh has honed her skills to create thought-provoking pieces that depict the struggles of everyday life. influenced by nature, her art is a reflection of her concerns about global warming, human rights, poverty, addiction, hunger, homelessness, and the consequences of war.
As an art teacher for young children, firouzeh finds inspiration in the innocence and creativity of her students. She encourages them to explore their imaginations and experiment with colors, resulting in innovative new designs.
Currently, Firouzeh is working on a new collection titled "Epic Of Khorramshahr", inspired by the war between Iran and Iraq in 1981. The collection includes 11 pieces that depict the consequences of war and the resilience of the human spirit. Additionally, she is completing four other collections, namely "Dream Of A Burned Forest", "Harmony", "Parts Of Me", and "Discovery".
Firouzeh’s art is a testament to her passion for creating meaningful pieces that stir emotions and provoke thought. Her art serves as a medium for expressing her concerns and hopes for the world that are focused on abstract genre and reflect human matters.