Franca Montalbetti

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Franca Montalbetti was born in Lima Peru, and currently resides in Toronto, Canada.
During her childhood, her father used to teach her precious skills of drawing, which she developed a true passion for art. She paints landscapes and dramatic atmospheric scenes, expressing the beauty of contrast using vivid colours in an impressionistic style.
Creating and experimenting new colours and new textures has always fascinated me as something magical and sublime. As a result, I have developed a deep love and appreciation for nature. Through my many years of drawing and painting, I have been filled with a sense of pleasure in this magical journey of constant adventures, which motivates me in such a way that allows mystery to occur and discovery of the unexpected.


I want to capture the simplicity of a landscape by analyzing the atmosphere of the location and express my own response to shapes, colours, texture, and movements in an abstract and experimental way.
Contemplating the movement of the clouds and how they overlap and merge with their colours make me want to hold that moment, and challenged me to continue, is what fuel my practice of landscape painting to a sublime place. I want the painting to surprise me with happy accidents and develop a topic according to what I see, and let the shapes, and textures of the paper indicate the composition, in hopes of expressing with integrity and evoking the viewer's emotions.