Francisco Gomez

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Venezuelan born, Toronto based artist Francisco Gomez studied classical painting from an early age in his home town of Caracas under the Spanish painter Juan Manuel Lorenzo.  After moving to Canada in 1991, Gomez obtained a diploma in Fine Arts , from the Ontario College of Art and Design, with a major in painting and drawing and a minor in Art History.  Gomez has exhibited at a number of galleries nationally and internationally including Bus Gallery, Katharine Mulherin contemporary art, Angel Gallery in Toronto, and Mouratti Gallery in Vienna.  Gomez’s work can be found in numerous private collections.


There upon the dark of night is a series of paintings that explores themes routed in the profoundness of solitude, self refection, the introspective power of the night where darkness allows all that was lost to be found once again, where time has no measure and existence and meaning rise from the fog of night.