Glenn Wood

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Found models from all over the world that wanted their voice heard and wanted to show what the community means to them. This incited a passion inside me to tell their stories in art. I really wanted to show that community to others through their eyes.. Wanting to pull the Fetish Art world out of the shadows of shame and into the mainstream for all to see. Our community is vibrant and colorful and I wanted to showcase that with a unique style and viewpoint. Taking art into the modern world as my art is all digitally produced and then hand painted on my I-Phone. Showing the Art world that Digital Art is indeed a valid form of Art. My pieces are painted in vivid color and made to jump off the wall and draw you into them. Realism with a modern cartoon effect. Art is made to be viewed and I make sure my art is accessible to all. Art is not for the rich only but for all to view and own.

Artwork has been featured in the 2021 CLAW Virtual Kinky Art show and the 2022 CLAW International "Kinky" art show. Runner up in the 2021 Dandy Queer Art International Art show,. Appeared in the 2021 Emerging Artist Contest from Tom of Finland, . Also was featured in the 2021 Tom of Finland's Art and Culture Festival. Artwork can be seen in the Wilton Manor Eagle Bar, at the Eagle Bar in San Francisco and at the CellBlock in Chicago. Pieces are now also being featured in the Eagle Bar in Atlanta, Georgia. Artwork is now featured on the BLUF web store for sale as prints.


I want to show the LGBTQ+ community through their eyes. Show them they are not alone. I want art to be accessible for all and not just the rich. Make my art stand out and be proud. As I wish the same for my models.