Gloria Green

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Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Gloria Green is an artist who has developed a process based on her early training in classical music, her knowledge of science and her passion for the abstract. Gloria first obtained a degree in Nutrition from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly known as Ryerson), followed by a Master’s of Science from the University of Toronto. Years of self-teaching, observation, and experimentation have replaced more traditional arts training. Working in healthcare for several years, Gloria draws from her honed and intuitive sense of compassion, empathy, dedication and the ability to hear and see beyond the obvious.
Passion and emotion are at the root of the work, but the freedom is a result of the approach; unconventional, whimsical, heartfelt and intuitive, thriving in the delight of finding obscure designs and creative context in my surroundings; this is where inspiration, discovery, emotions find their way onto the canvas.


My art is a form of storytelling. I connect to the canvas with my heart and soul. I am inspired by self-discovery and exploration, and carry that spirit through my experimentation with colour, medium, and technique. While the works are both abstract and personal, each piece is also created to bring viewers in, and invite them to consider their space, their thoughts, and their own stories.
In art, our possibilities are endless.