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Grandbills( Christian Ngabo), i am an African artist based in Toronto and Washington DC. Originally from Rwanda but raised in US in my teenage years, 2018 was the start of my art career but due to self teaching, Covid 19 and other aspects of life such as school and changing environments, I was able to learn, practice and express my art skills through different mediums such as beads on canvas that’s creates a unique texture, paper and glue on canvas; this style is one of a kind because it is less complicated to teach or explain to art enthusiasts. I also make murals with help of spray or oil or acrylic paints, use these mediums on canvas to fully illustrate, express my idea hence saving time and reach the majority audience who are familiar with the tools but not the style brought by Grandbills.
Thank you


Contemporary artworks with different mediums such as beads on canvas, paper on glue, as well as sculpted symbolic artworks inspired by different cultures of modern society which mainly is for audience engagement
A story that illustrates amazing and artistic expression inspired by 7 elements of art but most important composition.
The exhibition guarantees a great experience for art enthusiasts as I plan to present the artworks with help of poetry and live performances to illustrate the process.
I also plan to include my art on daily essentials such as merchandise, Bags and accessories.