Hannah Kilby

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Hannah is a Toronto-based realism painter and photographer originally from Ottawa, Ontario. While a mostly self-taught artist, Hannah earned a journalism degree from Carleton University then, years later, achieved a portfolio certificate at the Ottawa School of Art. When away from her studio, Hannah loves to spend time with her partner and dog or daydreaming of adventures either read about within the pages of a great book, or set upon with her own two feet.


Capturing first with her camera and then with paints, Hannah alternates between serene landscapes, dramatic skies and vibrant still-life scenes in both acrylic and oil paints. She is endlessly fascinated with capturing the play of light, whether diffused through a leafy canopy, cast across a lake's surface, or reflected sharply on a cocktail glass or curve of fruit. Hannah's studio practice offers clients open and limited-edition fine art prints and ornaments of her original realism paintings as well as custom commissions.


Acrylic on cradled birch.


This is a 24x24” acrylic painting on a gallery thick, 1.5” birch wood cradle board. This is the forth painting in my Sustenance series, the initial three being "Cherries", "Blueberries" and "Coffee Beans".

Stand close to the work and see the piece fragment into impressionistic geometry, or stand back and watch it knit together into a more photo-realistic artwork.

The scene wraps around the side of the cradle board by a 1/2”, the remaining depth is raw, blonde wood. The entire piece, edges included, is double-coated in a satin varnish and ready to hang.

Hannah Kilby