Ingrid Mc Donald

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As a self-taught artist from the small island of St. Lucia, I found a sense of joy in drawing and painting. At a young age, I realized that creating calmed my fears and enabled me to express or hide emotions in a way that was safe and also fun. I am grateful to have been able to fully explore the gift of painting since I moved to Canada.

My creativity is a God-given gift. Drawing and painting have been the second strongest forces in my life and will continue to be. They keep my mind serene and focused. The joy of able to see beauty and capture it, or envision something in my head and bring it to life on paper or canvas has always given me a natural high.
Although no single particular style of art predominates my creative work, I favour abstract art because of the mystery it holds. It fascinates me since it allows you to visualize what you want to see, and need to see or feel.

To me, art has always been a means to say what I feel, as loudly as I can, without making a sound. When I paint, I do my best to capture anything that appeals to my eyes and touch, whatever makes my heart dance with joy. I want every piece of art that I create to bring a flood of joy and a smile to every individual who comes in contact with my gift.


That every individual who see’s my art will fall in love with it. And through my work their lives will be flooded with joy. I want others to know that they are bless ,love and I hope that they can see that through my work.


Acrylic on canvas.


The painting reveals strength and beauty! I wanted to paint in black and white as a reminder to myself, that just because something is black and white, doesn’t always mean it’s dull and out dated. There’s a beauty in black and white. There’s even a sense of strength and boldness that come with it.

Ingrid Mc Donald


Acrylic on canvas.


There have been millions of sunset and there will be millions more. And the beauty of it all is those sunsets will never be the same. So enjoy every moment.
(The back ground of the painting is a very soft light blue. Stunning!!)

Ingrid Mc Donald