Islande Constant

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I am of Haitian origin, since my youngest age, I have always had this love for art. I inherited the gift from my father, an autodidact. As far back as I can remember, art has always been part of my life. Against my father's advice, I signed up for the art history program and to persuade him to let me take the program, I told him it was to get extra credits for my admission to college. higher studies. This allowed me to have my certificate in art history and especially to discover the greatest masters of the history of art of our centuries and allowed me to explore this world myself as as an emerging artist.


I don't do any tests or sketches before I'm done. I always have something to say and a lot on my mind. So, it's easier for me to express myself the way I do. I like modern and abstract painting with a touch of naivety. My paintings are reflections of my reality and of what is in my thoughts. I don't try to give meaning to my paintings, for people but to express myself, but it can be an arrow for all those who are touched, because art is in the eyes of those who see it.

$648.00 CAD

Acrylic on canvas.


In a world where man prefers to use the argument of extraterrestrials to explain the grandiose things that my ancestors created, saddens me and torments me. In this painting I wanted to pay homage to the goddess Hathor, the goddess of beauty, joy, love and above all motherhood. At the top of the painting where you can see the image of Africa touring the sea which can also look like the sky. The link I wanted to make and the message between Hathor and Africa is these two are the mother of humanity.

Islande Constant

$250.00 CAD

Acrylic on canvas (set of 2).


Splash of color
I have always loved the work of Jackson Pollock. The brushstrokes and vibrant energy that I feel when I look at his works and that is what inspires me.

Islande Constant

$480.00 CAD

Acrylic on canvas.


An independent woman heading towards her destiny after breaking down barriers. In a world where everything is appearance, sometimes you have to go against the current.

Islande Constant