Jason Balducci

Jason Balducci is a contemporary figurative painter who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Originally from Italy, his colorful paintings pay homage to his memories. His distinctive personal style emanates energy and spontaneity and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the expressionist movement.

Giving way to more elaborate and de-constructed works the body in his paintings is indeed destructured, often fragmented and decoloured, with the main intention to go back to the essence of drawing and forms, almost looking for a minimal structure. The driving force is to push further into experimentation and the unknown. It's like a personal quest to find that something that you haven't found yet, an expression of inner feelings that represents the invisible to others.

As the artist explains, “In painting a portrait the problem is to find a technique by which you can give over all the pulsations of a person. It’s why portrait paintings are so fascinating and difficult. Most people go to the most academic painters when they want to have their portraits made because for some reason they prefer a sort of colour photograph of themselves instead of thinking of having themselves really caught and trapped on the canvas. The model is someone made of blood and flesh and what has to be caught is their spirit and emanation of energy. I paint people because I truly think that art is an obsession with life and after all, as we are human beings, our greatest obsession is with ourselves.

From a young age he has believed, “You can create anything once you see it in your mind”. He earned a Bachelor of Art from The Academy of Fine Arts in Italy and Spain.

Balducci’s artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Spain and Italy, including “Identity”: The Artist Perspective”.