Jonathan Palter

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Born in Toronto, Jonathan Milne Palter began his art career as a sculptor.

Jonathan found success early in his art career, showing his works in galleries, exhibitions and competitions in the 1970s and 1980s.

At the same time, he also attended University of Toronto and trained as a dental surgeon, which demands its own kind of artistry, from aesthetic instincts to the precise, steady hand of a sculptor. After practicing dentistry for 40 years, he turned his primary focus and passion to his art once again.

After retiring, in the 2000s, Palter starting painting with oils. Not confined by the norms of traditional training, his art is marked by innovation and experimentation and is driven by the power of personal creativity.

Palter's work is in private and corporate collections in Canada, United States and England


Artwork begins and ends with a feeling.
As both a sculptor and a painter, I believe that creative art moves us past the obvious and awakens emotions that combine memories, present impressions, and the promise of future events.
Using traditional tools such as hammers, chisels, and files, I create strong, sculptures from unrelenting blocks of stone. These techniques carry over into my paintings. Using palate knives only, I carve out thick layers of multi-coloured oil paint, creating abstract pieces that are a textured blend of colours that are dramatically expressive and sculptural.
My passion for art and travel go hand in hand. Whether marvelling at the remote glaciers of Greenland, the steamy jungles in Ecuador, the savannas in Africa, or the bustling cities of Delhi, Bangkok, or New York, I have had the privilege to meet the people and experience the natural and man-made wonders of many countries, which are a constant inspiration for my art.

The first pleasure is in creating my art and then in the enjoyment, connections, questions and emotions it brings to those experiencing it.