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Canadian born, a citizen of Earth. Spent my early years within the wonder lands of Ontario, where I studied graphic design in beautiful city of diversity, Toronto.
I went to Model abroad, touching down on just about every continent, experiencing new cultures, peoples, art, and the hidden gems of their native lands. Now residing back in Toronto I'm a full time visual artist, entrepreneur designing emotional, deep intellectual thought provoking art.


Creating without “Direction, restrictions, strategies or just having a specific meaning,”
is what art is. “Emotion. What you’re feeling at the time of your life.”
"I believe within these rare moments I, the designer, can obtain the title 'Artist’."

$2,500.00 CAD

['Digital', ' 24kt gold leafing', ' resin', ' and diamond dust on canvas.']


Taking a deep step back in history. Now lets create Ourstory. Each element is telling its own story to create the story. Women are beautiful, Black, bold, color, nature working in harmony, creating the path we must follow, to unity.