Kanchan Quinlan

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Kanchan Quinlan is a Canadian-Indian visual artist, architectural and urban designer. Having lived in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Berlin, and in various cities in India, Kanchan has been exposed to diverse cultures, customs, and places throughout her life. Kanchan’s interest in the arts led her to pursue a degree in the humanities at the University of Toronto and a Master of Architecture degree at Carleton University. Kanchan’s education and travelling experiences in over fifteen countries have exposed her to countless ways of exploring art and architecture through graphic design, drawing, photography, and abstract painting.


As an emerging artist with over ten years of painting experience, Kanchan has recently shown her artwork in public galleries, cafes, and has established an online presence on social media. Kanchan specializes in abstract paintings that have evolved into contemporary, nostalgic, and poetic pieces. The paintings convey infused elements of our surrounding environment(s) that are most familiar and comforting for us, whether that may be a special place or landscape that entice our senses and memories.

Kanchan transforms existing conditions into abstract fragments that are collectively mapped out by creating layers of geometric shapes, patterns, and forms with the use of bold colours, textures, and broad-brush strokes. Together these techniques create depth, layers, flow, and movement in the paintings, eliciting an emotional connection that reminds the viewer of a personal experience or journey.