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After over a decade long career in business, and then a long hiatus dedicated to raising my three children, I went back to school and attended continuing studies courses at Red Deer College. Encouraged to do more with my art practice by an instructor, I applied to OCADU, presented a portfolio of works and was accepted to the drawing and painting program. I completed the BFA at OCADU in 2019 with distinction and awarded the Mackenzie Investments foyer placement for Inclusive Spaces.
Having spent a lot of time outdoors as a youth canoe tripping at camp in the summers, working at our farm and visits to family in Ireland by the sea, had a tremendous influence on my art. The work always starts with the natural world and using all of my senses, I respond to whatever catches my attention.


Since my thesis year in 2019, I have been creating abstracted stylized images of imagined transformations inspired by the dragonfly and butterfly. These ancient creatures caught my attention while plein air drawing and are metaphor of transformation. In my most recent work I became fascinated with the white butterfly which happens to live in Ireland and I also include markings from Ontario species. I intertwine biological wings, sometimes figures and text and distort and recolour them using digital Procreate drawing, photo sources and once printed, I often work overtop with traditional ways of making using pastel and paint or I will import hand drawings into the digital world. The synthesis of older and newer ways of making speak to the importance to me of understanding our history and the latest technology in order to gain a deeper understanding of who we are. Sometimes I intertwine text from poetry or philosophy into the works. Overall I wish to evoke a sense of things changing and transforming, hoping to offer a meditative experience from which the viewer can draw their own thoughts and feelings from the work.

$375.00 CAD

Mixed media on canvas.


Gallery wrapped canvas original digital drawing and paint with pastel.

Compassion begins with a deeper investigation of our history and the latest technology so that we can have a deeper u derstanding of ourselves and how we are a part of a greater mystery. The interconnectedness of all which is one. Dragonfly wi gas are transformed to look like water flowing and figures are becoming renewed as we flow through the natural world.

Kate Maura

$600.00 CAD

Mixed media on canvas.


Canvas gallery wrapped digital original print with paint and pastel.

Lingering in Ease as figures are transfiguring through time and space dragonfly wings distorted look like green foliage and figures could be viewed as florals. Distortions change points of view, taking time to see can bring a beautiful view. Spending time in nature transforms how we feel about ourselves and the world around us.

Kate Maura

$1,350.00 CAD

Acrylic paint overtop digital print on canvas.


Finding the beauty through the florals friends and family dropped of to me during covid-19, and their stages of life as time went on, I painted this one in its later stages as petals were changing, still holding its beauty, though different to its earlier arrival. I completely covered the digitally printed canvas where beneath it was a digital work of dragonfly wings. It became about this flower, holding on.

Kate Maura

$1,200.00 CAD

Digital print on canvas.


Inspired by dragonfly wings, this work depicts the vorticity patterning of the wings as they push the air, their four wings move almost 360 degrees. As a result their prey capture is almost 98%, and these ancient creatures crash through the air through trees and leaves, supremely adept at flight. My work began with scientific scans of the flight patterns as seen by these rippling lines!

Kate Maura