Katherine Polack

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Katherine is a Canadian mixed media seascape artist who resides in Orono, Ontario surrounded by nature and infinite inspiration. The colour palette she uses varies between hues of deep blue and teal while always aiming to evoke a sense of calm and happiness through her art.
The inspiration for Katherine’s work comes from her upbringing along the Pacific Coast in Lima, Peru where she and her family would spend endless summers at the beach.
The unpredictable beauty of the sea is her main influence which helps her depict both the power and tranquility of the waves.
Katherine has spent the last two years researching the connection that we as humans have with water whether we are submerged in it or simply near it.
If not behind her easel, you will find Katherine in her wood shop creating ocean-inspired home decor made with resin and live edge wood.
Katherine’s work has been voted top 50 in 2021 by The Marketer Magazine and has exhibited at Propeller Art Gallery, I Deal Coffee, and Oronofest. Katherine will be exhibiting at several outdoor art shows this year including the Lake Scugog Studio Tour in the spring.


Depending on the day, I will switch between painting acrylic seascapes on canvas to woodworking and creating river boards and ocean inspired home decor products. I love immersing myself in an abstract acrylic or resin pour. 
Being near water evokes a calming and magical sensation that seems to freeze time. The power of the ocean has an ever-changing beauty which I love to depict in my work.

$900.00 CAD

Acrylic on canvas.


With a dance of light and shadows, this piece was created with acrylic on canvas to depict the raft of penguins traveling and working together to find their next meal. Playing with the refraction of light at various depths, this artwork represents a sense of community working in tandem.

Katherine Polack