Kelcy Timmons Chan

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Kelcy Timmons Chan is a Cantonese Canadian American queer artist based in Toronto. Their work explores themes on anxiety, individuality, queerness, biracialism and belonging.

Kelcy graduated as a Visual Studies Specialist in the Spring of 2019 from the Daniel's Faculty of Landscape, Architecture and Design at the University of Toronto. She was awarded the Undergraduate Thesis Project Prize for her thesis, Her Influence. Since 2019, they have worked as a painter, muralist, designer and illustrator.


Kelcy is intrigued by the dimensionality of people. She considers her human experience through the lens of patterns, illusions, repetition and pathways. Kelcy wants their work to uplift and pedestal the most unique of earth's community. They want to share how these similarities and uniquenesses bond and divide us, creating many forms of togetherness as well as loneliness, constantly affecting each of our senses of belonging and self understanding.

Informed by pop art, Kelcy enjoys creating contrast between the intimacy of the application and the mechanical shapes produced. Using patterns and repetition, Kelcy attempts to package relatable, complex subjects into intricate, captivating compositions.