Lali Shankar

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Lali Shankar is a mixed media artist who lives in Toronto. She has exhibited her artwork in several exhibitions and several of her artwork are in private collections in Canadian, American and Indian homes. Her commission artworks can be
seen in a private condominium, Singer Island, Florida.


My childhood memories are weaved between paint, mixing of colours, making canvas and watching my father withdraw from the world while he painted soul searching works. My father introduced me to the artistic world: he loved to take me to art galleries and taught me how to critique art. The last 30 years changed my involvement with art as I transformed from art enthusiast to artist. It was a few months after his demise that I missed my interaction with him and his artistic presence. I decided to take the left over paints he had neatly stacked in the basement and with his brushes I went to a local school for evening art lessons for beginners.

A day does not pass without me thinking about my father. I aspire to be like him and will be forever influenced by his creativity. I truly believe that my father's brushes are his guiding arms continually coaxing me to make art.

While it was my father who first brought me to painting, my overall style as a mixed media artist is influenced by other painters during my artistic journey including the Canadian group of seven artists and the impressionists.  I draw inspiration from Canadian fall colours and natural landscapes. My artwork combines colours, movement and attempts to reflect on the environment.

My profession as a radiologist always tuned my eyes to appreciate, analyze and articulate my impression.  Art is a passionate translation of my impressions into rhythmic brush strokes of visual experiences into landscapes.
Some of the digital artwork created were clearly influenced by my training in imaging transcending to imagining medicine in my art.
I trust my deep connection to nature as I create landscapes. My love and passion for the buildings and architecture always distract me from nature and I paint almost abstract buildings with occasional collages added for interest.
My art always brings mindfulness and balance to my personal life.