Lana Spieler

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Lana Spieler was born in Barbados and currently lives and works in Toronto. She is a recent graduate from the OCAD U Drawing and Painting program. She is continuing her studies at George Brown College in the Baking and Pastry Arts and Management program.


I deconstruct buildings and reconstruct them into unrecognizablecompositions, diverting from tradition and creating new constructs. Thepurpose is to create shapes and compositions that echo the language andprocesses of architecture whilst creating tension within my abstractedrealm.This tension is created by breaking up the traditional grid of a high-rise, which forgoes the traditional realm of painting.
I am stimulated by the architecture around Toronto, and the experienceand exposure of having an architect as a mother.
The examination of thebuilding’s skin allows for the shape creation for compositions.
Within the two-part series, architectural concepts are explored withinpaintings and Photoshop edits. I have combined an intuitive practice withstrategical, rigid compositions, to create friction within my work.
Thistension is the driving purpose of my work, as tension drives innovationwithin the unconventional.
Superimposed Photoshop of my renderings to building facades changes thearchitectural narrative as the painting inhabits and informs the spacetowards a deeper way of thought.
Spray paint, acrylic paints, and pouring medium are used within my physicalwork. These materials are used on stretched raw canvas. Architecture isaddressed by the canvas’ frame, conversing with its compositionalinspiration.
The tie dye effect used in the background, inspired by JanineMiedzik, is reminiscent of the blueprints, which immerse the architecturalprocesses into the work as well.
The angularities echo the angles of architecture, and reiterate the interstitialspaces between buildings. The unpredictability of the materials leads to theserendipity of the final pieces. My work breaks the boundaries of space andform whilst utilizing architecture as a compositional influence.