Leigh Nelson

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Toronto based artist, Leigh Nelson, studied at the Toronto School of Art where she received her Fine Arts Diploma in 2001. Having grown up in an artistic family, Leigh began with abstract painting from a young age as a form of rebellion against the conventional form of still life and realism. Through her work, she often experimented with angled shapes and bright colours influenced by Dali, Cubism and modern architecture. However, it wasn't until her late 20's that Leigh wanted to reinvent her approach to art and enrolled at the Canadian Business College to study digital media and graphic arts technology.


Consistently focusing on the goal ahead, elements along the periphery become distorted, as if part of a fleeting memory. The striking colours, unrecognizable figures yet familiar spaces make these images relatable to any viewer having experienced a vivid dream state, yet each seems unique to a personal experience.

$400.00 CAD

Digital photography (framed).


Black Frame. Ready to hang.

Is the observer inside or outside? The onlooker is presented with both scenery from outside and inside tunnels. Electric colour tones and figures, while nothing is in the right place. Playing with the negative space, the scene places the viewer in multiple viewpoints, collaging in fragments.

Limited edition 1 of 20.

Leigh Nelson