Léo Brunet

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Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, I grew up playing outdoors and enjoying nature. My parents always encouraged me to be independent, to be creative and different. I didn't have any siblings, and up north, friends were far and few so I had to make due with my own little universe. I guess that's where my career started...


The woods is where I feel myself the most. I feel connected to the plants, to the land, to the sky, to the animals. It's where I find inspiration. It's where I discover the textures and the colors that I want to find in my art. But mostly, it's where I can really appreciate the perfection in the imperfection of the world around me. I'm always amazed at how randomness can be so beautiful...

That's what I want to recreate in my art. The beauty of chance, of the universe, of things beyond our control, like the shape paint does when it drops on the floors.

$890.00 CAD

Acrylic, latex, styrofoam on board with pine frame.


I made this in artwork in 2019 as part of a geometrically shaped styrofoam forest series. This one was part of my personal collection until now.
It reminds of all the sphagnum mosses and lichens I find in the northern forests of Canada. I tried to emulate the softness of these plants as well as wind moving the blades of grass in a prairie.

Léo Brunet