Lisa Stead

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Infusing joy one brushstroke at a time!

Lisa Stead is an abstract artist born in Toronto, Ontario. As a child, her family moved to London, Ontario where she remained and studied fine arts, graphic design & photography. All of these disciplines have become tools for establishing her artistic vision and compiling her compositions. Currently she works out of her studio in London, Ontario located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Old South, renowned for its love of the arts.


“As a full-time abstract artist, I am constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries to define myself through my visual art. You’ll notice the heavy influence of line and form from my years spent in the graphic design and photography industries. My abstracts are playful compositions combining the use of free form, cheerful colour and sporadic line detail. There is endless detail for the viewer to witness within the many layers of a completed piece.

For me, abstract artwork allows an unrestricted approach, relinquishing control to my tools so emotion and energy can lead the way intuitively. My paintings are passionately infused with gestural markings, texture and patterns that give the viewer a sense of flow and direction as the eye wanders through the piece. Each brushstroke seems instinctive yet accidental and unexpected as they are influenced by music and its tempo. They are explorations with no predetermined outcome but the conclusion succeeds with harmony and balance amongst the compositions chaotic character. The completed works truly reveal a new level of self-awareness and exploration into joy for each viewer.”