Lisa Stead

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I live to create. From a very young age I was a self proclaimed artist! I will forever find pleasure in the creation of...things! Art is such a silent but powerful adventure for me. Inspiration is everywhere!!
As a student of fine arts, graphic design and photography, I can see how they have strongly influenced my artistic style by the use of shape, colour and linear elements. My paintings are explorations of bold expressive colour, form and spatial organization. My process of layering strong colours and washes, form balance and help to reveal the completed composition.
I consider myself both an intuitive and representational artist; sometimes with no preconceived notion on the final piece. I enjoy using a mix of media along with acrylics to unveil an ethereal and whimsical feel to both my abstract and still life work. For me the process of each painting is an exploration itself. Each piece is an adventure and for me the destination is in the journey to its completion.
My paintings can be seen in several Ontario galleries and are held in private collections. Some works have been chosen for public art projects from the London Art Council and The City of London.
Deepest thanks for viewing my work.
I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did creating them.
It's my truest passion. xo