Lorette C. Luzajic

Lorette C. Luzajic is an award-winning Toronto-based artist whose work has been exhibited and collected widely at home and around the world, including  a duo-artist show in Mexico,  as well as Tunisia, where she was part of an international arts symposium creating work for the Ministry of Culture. Her collage painting was recently featured in an ad for Carrera Y Carrera, a Madrid and Toronto based luxury jewelry company. She facilitates mixed media classes and workshops through Art Cart, an innovative program for artists with mental health and/or addiction challenges. Lorette has a bachelor of applied arts in journalism, and is the founding editor of The Ekphrastic Review, a journal dedicated to literature inspired by visual art.


I am driven by eclectic curiosity, and by the joy of juxtaposition. My work is a curiosity cabinet and an apothecary of magic potions and spells. It is poetry, and a surreal dream. It is the frantic pace of the city and the magnificent silence of the night. It is about love and death and the sacred and inane, and the absurdity and beauty in all things.