Luis A. Peña

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My name is Luis and I love creating, I don't consider myself a self taught artist because I believe everyone is born an artist, we just take different paths. I'm about jumping into things unknowingly and to learn as I go, even through mistakes. I've never enjoyed the idea of limiting myself to one medium or style, so I tend to dabble in everything and more recently I like mixing everything. We are ever changing, so why shouldn't art be ever changing.

The portraits I've been creating lately have more of a theme, they're blind contour portraits done with pen and details done with oils. I used to always want what I created to look "perfect" and I used to beat myself up trying to get things how I wanted to look. So I found a middle ground, I kept things abstract with a hint of realism. I'm always trying to excel and try something new and I strongly urge everyone to just jump into trying things they wish to do. Our experiences are the best lessons.