Maggie Rairn

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I am a self-taught artist living in Toronto, Canada with my husband and daughter. I am an employment lawyer by day, but a creative soul through and through. I have been painting for most of my life, and making art has always been my sacred space to play, dream and honour my most authentic self. I have lived in Tokyo, Moscow, and New York, but grew up spending a lot of time in nature. My art is therefore inspired by the dynamic energy of urban life but always aims to recreate the sense of calm and connection to the universe that being in nature provides.


My painting is mostly intuitive, so I typically have little to no preset notion of the composition or colours I will use. For me, the thrill of making art is in the unexpected interplays of shades and shapes as they choose to appear on the canvas. I paint using mostly oils and charcoal as these materials easily -- almost magically -- allow me to create images that are soft, subtle and soulful. I am forever drawn to the beauty of stillness, subtlety and the ephemeral, and these are states I explore often regardless of my subject. My intention is to make art that acts as an antidote to the sensory overload of daily urban life and invites one to uncover the magic of daring to stop and be still.