Maha Rehman

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Born in 1994, I am an Ottawa-based Visual Artist. I graduated from the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan. While studying, I started my own art and design company Laqeer, through which I have expressed my creative side. I have participated in several art exhibitions around the globe since 2016. In addition, my work has been featured in various magazines as well as live on national television. My inspiration comes from my surroundings, the colours and shades that exist in the natural world around us. Each of my pieces are a mixture of various mediums and textures inspired by nature. I have explored many different art forms, including various painting styles, digital illustrations, and sculpting. However, some of my most highly valued works are in string art.


As a Visual Artist, I learn every day how to apply critical thinking along with my creative skills to create pieces of art. I reflect the diversity of the constantly-evolving world around me. Having travelled extensively, my artwork also reflect the various cultures that I have experienced in different countries. Furthermore, learning ceramic art university has helped me understand and appreciate the nature of different materials. By exploring various materials in different forms, I have discovered how their physical properties can be effectively used to become part of my design solutions and my very own creative language.