Mahassa Bahri

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Born and raised in Iran and now based in Toronto, Mahassa has been painting since 1993. She studied painting, and theory and history of art under the guidance of renowned artist, Gholamhossein Nami, and was exposed to new and exciting ideas which gradually helped her form her abstract art.
She has had 3 solo and 5 group exhibitions.


My love for abstract art of any form, nourishes my soul daily. Be it a painting, a sculpture, or even an accidental artistic composition on the street, the colour, texture, and rhythm of my environment inspire me. It is my fascination with abstract scenes all around me that I wish to convey to my audience by eliciting those emotions from light, texture, and rhythm. Sometimes calm and quiet, sometimes happy and noisy, sometimes confused and sometimes organized. They’re all me.

$600.00 CAD

Acrylic on stretched canvas.


If you have ever tried to capture some sweet childhood memories, and they haven’t been as crisp as you want them to be, you know what I mean. Those precious days with my dearest ones, hiking in the mountains of my hometown seem so far away.
But grateful for art that allows us to feel our inner emotions and connects us with our souls just by looking at it.

Mahassa Bahri

$500.00 CAD

Acrylic on stretched canvas (2 pieces).


This painting has been made with brush strokes and a palette knife. It has been spray varnished in 2 layers. The painting extends to the edges, which means it does not need a frame. It consists of 2 pieces of 24" X 20" X 0.75"

Mahassa Bahri