Maria Isabel Fleury

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Maria Isabel has been into art most of her life. Maria Isabel is a self-taught artist. She captures in her paintings the intensity and beauty of Canadian nature and forests through the seasons. ‘Being drawn into the painting’, ‘feeling that the painting is alive’, ‘feeling hope and happiness’ are common comments done by the people that get to experience her art.

She uses acrylics with bold and vibrant colours providing a fresh approach to the scene of the trees themselves. She creates intense textures and radiant colours painting Canada in a lasting way.

Living in Oakville, Ontario surrounded by beautiful parks and forests, Maria Isabel was blown away with the power of nature to evolve through the seasons. Originally from Venezuela, and never before having experienced the evolution of nature through the seasons, she was completely captivated by Canadian forests, her greatest source of inspiration.

Maria Isabel has participated in a number of art shows and group exhibits in Canada. Her work is collected in Canada, Venezuela and Europe. Every year she donates select paintings to different charities, including the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO) and the Promotion of Educations & Value Society (PEV). She also painted and donated a special aluminum maple leaf to raise funds for the Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington, Ontario to help the hospital deal with the financial impact of the COVID pandemic.

Maria Isabel is open to commissions. Please contact her for further details.


Life through the lens of trees and flowers in nature is always inspiring. Growing up in a country where I had solid roots and after the political turmoil that affected my dearest Venezuela, I needed to build up again a sense of belonging for me and my family. Each member of my family needed to adapt to the new environment and with perseverance they are growing roots and blooming with flowers all over.

Growing up in Venezuela, I became a lawyer and a legal translator and worked for local and international law firms for many years.

Setting roots on Canadian land.

My earthly subjects: Canadian trees gave me a way to feel the beauty of nature.
I share that tenderness that only motherhood can give. As a mother of three, I am able to give and share my heart on a canvas. Working with acrylic paint and mix media, I pour my heart into every project combining a wide variety of ideas, colors and emotions.

An artist cannot lie. It is by pure nature capable of inspire, evoke and provoke others through its artistic lens. That is what I share in the world of Arts.

For a tree to grow, it takes not only proper weather conditions, water, sun and care. For me it became a need to express what Canada gave back to my spirit.