Maureen McNeil

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Maureen Mcneil is self taught and in love with trees she uses different methods to get to the glow that she constantly chases, replicating what she sees when she steps outside. Creating beautiful Canadian art inspired by the landscapes in her own backyard.

She loves to disappear into the world of color and endless possibilities... her meditative practice, curiosity, and the beautiful landscapes of Canada guide and inspire her daily.

You can find her in her studio/ gallery in Lorne Park Mississauga along with her fabulous husband, four children and their dog Eddie

To see more of Mcneil's work go to Cloud Gallery in Orillia


Acrylic on gallery canvas (framed).


Small pieces with a large impact it's always nice to mix up the sizes of your paintings.

This piece is straight out of cottage country, it could be in the states where there's aspens or in Canada, where there's birch trees, I love the colourful play. It's like the circus has come to town and everybody's happy!

Maureen McNeil


Acrylic on gallery canvas.


Anyone that collects my birches knows that they are anything but black-and-white. Infusing many colours into the trees gives their lightness and personality.
All the mark making and splattering, mimics the motion in nature, I like to put surprises in my paintings, so my clients have hours of rediscovering their new piece!

Maureen McNeil


Acrylic on canvas (framed).


I never hesitate to add vibrant colours into my paintings because in nature you see them all!

This is a sweet, small piece that is perfect for any room!

Maureen McNeil


Acrylic on gallery canvas.


Trees are like humans to me, gathered in groups they could be siblings, best friends, or a family of three… They all have different personalities !

Maureen McNeil


Acrylic on gallery canvas.


This contemporary landscape combines my imagination with nature. The patterns mimic everything I see on a forest floor you can get lost in this piece looking at all the detail!

Maureen McNeil