Meagan McCluskey

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Meagan McCluskey is an abstract artist based in Toronto, Canada. Meagan has had an interest in art ever since she can remember. She attributes this in large to her mother, who at one time, had her own interior decorating business.

In 2018, Meagan attained her Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography. While in her undergrad, Meagan explored the relationship between her painting and photographic process, finding that her earlier photographs had painterly qualities. Since finishing school, she has gone through a “rebirth” of her artistic process. Meagan has been finding renewal in working more intuitively and letting spontaneity be apart of the process. She creates abstract landscapes, blurring the line between the real and the etherial. Meagan is happiest when she can be outside, camping or hiking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter and likes to incorporate this into her work.


Meagan draws inspiration from the natural world, working intuitively to create abstract landscapes. Meagan finds this process more freeing and helps her further explore her surroundings. Meagan is greatly inspired by the Impressionist artists, especially Monet’s paintings of his garden.