Meghan Monaghan

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Meghan lives and works in Toronto. She graduated from OCAD in 2006, winning the prestigious OCAD Medal for Drawing and Painting. Her work revolves around the abstraction of the natural world and working with drawing and painting materials in a process-based way. Along with her personal painting practice, she teaches visual art at Cawthra Park Secondary School in the regional arts program.


I paint to make space. My works draw upon places I have inhabited or want to inhabit, and
things seen and unseen, from molecules to emotions. I am invested in the physicality and
process of painting, layering techniques and materials in a responsive way. Each
painting evolves without planning or expectations. Drips inform colour choices and shapes inform materials. My surroundings—from the city, to the clouds outside my window—shape how each painting resolves. In a world that continuously feels smaller and more claustrophobic, my process and the worlds I create generate space for me and others to explore alternative ways of being.