Mehjabeen Saifullah

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My name is Mehjabeen Saifullah. I have been painting and drawing since I was 10. Graduated from York University in visual arts and education. Have been a full-time teacher with tdsb for 19 yrs now. I am a special needs teacher so have worked a lot with art as it is very therapeutic. I haven't exhibited yet but would like to. I am a cancer survivor twice and lately have gotten more involved in painting as it heals me. My style of painting is realistic and impressionistic. It also distorts during the process. I paint originally from pictures taken by me. I am also open for commission. I basically do oil paintings, pen and pencil portraits and different art scapes. Also do watercolours. I am from Pakistan but have an lived all my life in Toronto.


Artistic approach

My artwork varies. It reflects life seen from my prespective. I have tried to reflect my passion for every piece I do. Although I paint frequently I would not like to portray art as a competition. I want to paint as it comes to me for sure I like to be recognized with this genuine intent. My works deeply reflect my intent for life, the reason behind life, memories, and how life should be lived fully with a passionate heart and a eye.