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Meighan West is a primarily self-taught artist. Though she painted her whole life, she was late to realize that her passion would be her career. She's been drawn to multiple types of creative work but ultimately found she kept returning to the canvas. Now living in Hamilton, after 15 years in Toronto, she has started her own business as a full time artist.


Meighan West is often driven by feminist issues surrounding female bodies, how they are seen and expressed. She grew up with a traumatized mother and often suppressed her own emotions to help her mother heal. She now uses her art to express all of those emotions and how she experiences the world. Her art is often an expression of passion, emotion, and a bold voice for women.

$150.00 CAD

Acrylic on Canvas


Sparrow Tattoo Painting - Sparrow tattoo has many different meanings but the symbols most connected to the traditional style of tattoo are protection and freedom. There's a link between the freedom of flight and journey ahead that sailors experience throughout their lives, and the protection of home. These birds fly in a large group and often stay close to ground, focusing on loyalty.⁠

Meighan West