Melissa Baugh

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Mellissa Baugh is an abstract artist living in Toronto, Canada. A native of Kingston, Jamaica, her distinctive personal style emanates various emotions including those of joy and peace and embodies her eccentric and creative spirit. Her abstract paintings are all brought to life by contrasting colours and using various brush techniques and mixed media to achieve a unique blend that is both visually striking and appealing to the eye. Baugh is of the strong belief that art is present in the form of anything and everything and draws on one of her biggest inspiration being life itself. She often states that, “Art is subjective and the there is beauty in finding the creativity in every day inspirations and bringing it to life whether it be on paper by painting or just simply creating” . Baugh often finds beauty in abstract art due to its inability to define or achieve or represent an external reality, leaving it completely subjective and open to interpretation.

Mellissa Baugh has never been shy in professing her love for art and is a firm believer that your creativity whether it’s dreamt of imagined can be brought to life.


In my art I mostly use a combination of mixed media to achieve the abstract effect. I love and enjoy experimenting with various techniques and try to refrain from limiting my creativity to brush strokes and just canvas. I believe there is beauty in everything and a story to tell in every painting and the best way to bring that forward is staying true to my creativity and that means expressing my creativity through my art.