Monica Orrling

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Elected Member of The Society of Canadian Artists- SCA
Elected Member of Ontario Society of Artist- OSA
Elected Member of Federation of Canadian Artists- FCA


My interest is with colour. Bright, bold colours, playing with lights and the darks of my pallet. Captivating the energy of my subject, hoping to stir emotions within us all. I paint primary with water soluble oil paints on canvas and occasionally on board working mostly in a large format. Painting in oil gives my florals a depth and allows me to capture the life and warmth of my subjects. I paint in several thin layers of paint using both transparent and opaque paints. With each new layer comes the refinement of the painting, always evolving until it is finished. Creating the negative spaces in my paintings is so important as it balances and emphasis the beauty of the colours. Being able to capture the flow and movement is when I feel I’ve achieved my goal as a painter.

$1,200.00 CAD

Oil on canvas.


An interesting point of view.. but the best way to view and enjoy this lovely red Lily. WIth her large, satiny blooms reflect a a golden glow and a lovely fragrance.
36" x 36" oil on gallery canvas.

Monica Orrling