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I was born in Toronto, Canada (1983). I was raised in Jamaica and returned to Toronto at the age of 12.

In 2001 I studied Textile Design at Sheridan College Art & Design School. After a couple of years I realized that it was not the right path for me! In 2004 I attended George Brown College majoring in Fashion Design and graduating in 2006.

For the past few years I've been designing jewellery under his own brand, Nathan Dixon Art, formally Nate Inc. Designs. I currently work as a freelance artist & designer in the GTA.


My ultimate goal as an artist is to interpret my inspiration in a new and interesting way, be it music, art, history, mythology or world culture.

I'm primarily a portrait artist in the style of urban realism. In my current work I use watercolour, gouache, ink, coloured pencil & graphite. Even though I am inspired by many things and I use a variety of mediums, the common threads you will see in some aspect of my work are texture, saturation and depth.

$400.00 CAD

Graphite, ink and metal leaf on 100% cotton rag paper (framed).


The inspiration behind my piece "The Hanging Of Angelique" for the Black History Month "From There to Now" show at the Artusiasm Gallery.

Marie-Joseph Angélique was a young woman from Portugal. Angélique was a slave owned by Thérèse de Couagne de Francheville in Montréal. In 1734, she was charged with arson after a fire destroyed Montréal’s merchants' quarter. It was alleged that. She was convicted, tortured and hanged.It's still unknown if she was the culprit, Angélique’s story has come to symbolize Black resistance and freedom.It's just so sad that even after almost 300 years that this is still relevant in the world today!

Nathan Dixon

$1,350.00 CAD

Watercolour and coloured pencil on 100% cotton rag paper (framed).


This Illustration is for the tarot card "Ten Of Pentacles" for the Emerging Toronto Artist. For the past couple of years the Emerging Toronto Artist have designed a deck of tarot cards with each card being designed by a Toronto artist.

This card coming to me was divine intervention. I was having a bit of a rough time in life when I was assigned this card. My interpretation of this card was to bring out more of a youthful, strong & sensual aspect rather than the traditional old wise man. I chose a young strong Goddess figure, she has tattoos & runes symbolizing the attributes of the card such as Wisdom, Life, Love, Strength, Wealth, Heart & Luck.

Nathan Dixon