Newfel Yedjour

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I was Born in 1972 in Oran (Algeria) Méditerranéen city, I start drawing when I was very young ,I discovered painting in the museum very close to our home, amazed by the orientalist painters who painted Algeria, I start painting in the college .My first exhibition in a gallery was organized at the age of seventeen by the college, after studying architecture at the university ended at the age of 23, I took painting lessons at the society of fine arts of 'Algiers and begins to exhibit in groups and individually, and I am resented by galleries in Algeria, after my immigration to Quebec in July 2009, I expose my work on festival and salon .
One of my work , was acquired by Liberal MP Justin Trudeau.


My painting refer to landscape and people .I descripe the atmospher ,light and color,expressing an emotional response to the subject and the inner world.
My brushwork creats shifting patterns of the natural ,I am hoping to find the sublime.