Nicola Woods

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Nicola Woods is a fine art photographer born in England and now living in Toronto. She holds a MFA from Johnson State College VT and has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Canada and the USA, including most recently the Toronto Outdoor Art Show and the Riverdale Artwalk. Her work has work has been featured in several online articles including "An Interview with Nicola Woods" by the London Urban Tree Festival, and "Spotlight: Nicola Woods on her Unique Process by Yonge + St. Clair (BIA)


I love trees and both their physical beauty and symbolic meaning inspire me. In my work I explore how trees mark time and embody qualities of perseverance, renewal and shelter. I create photographs that are either mounted in lightboxes or combined with metal leaf. My intent with these tree portraits is to both celebrate the beauty of trees and encourage viewers to become more aware of trees and the beneficial effect they have on the environment.