Paul Dakota

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I'm a photographer.
I've been taking pictures for 3 years now.


The ephemermality of material . The inevitable decay of all things. No longer necessary yet beautiful in the next organically occurring era of its timeline. The beauty of transcience is psychologically emotional because it parallels our own mortality.
These works look at the macrocosmic and the microcosmic.

In asking what is fundamental, what is raw, protected and important what is more vulnerable than a coastline? Human history, human survival has always depended on coastlines.

Modern technology interprets our geologic history, deepening our understanding of our coastlines. Technology enhances and strengthens our relationship with nature, through the studies of sedimentology and stratigraphy, of deposition and erosion. The processes affecting the earth today are the same as in the era the rock was first formed.
The Formations series looks at this fundamental part of the earth and its inherent fragility. These photographs reflect the weathered and charismatic character evidence of time passed.
Stripping away can mean honing in on the smallest details. The White Rust and Transformer series are intimate looks at perishable, urban moments. The impressions of calm and space these photographs evoke cause one to consider what’s truly bare and essential.
Art is a fundamental form of communication, preservation and commentary, a vital component to amplifying our comprehension, our connection to how truly delicate our world is. And true connection is only possible when art is speaking to the soul.

Works are Giclée Prints on Fine Art Matte Paper 192 gsm. .