Paulo Carvalho

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Paulo ( aka The10minus4 ) is a Toronto-based photographer who was born in Lisbon a century ago. In his defense, it was his parents that left him unsupervised reading Sartre as a young child. This might be why he grew up to be a sort of influencer, but mostly influencing people to leave him alone. He even managed to get a law degree which he shortly converted to a toilet paper when he moved to Canada, a decade ago. Sartre (always Sartre), Freud, Lacan, Dua Lipa, and sarcasm are the holly inspiration for his photography. If you are looking for sharpness and clarity you are clearly (no pun intended) at the wrong place.


Sarcastic Paulo will probably tell you he's just a guy with an overpriced camera that takes pictures since he was 8. But one should know that he spent his childhood learning photography from his dad on a Pentax. Yes, an Absolute OG that keeps it real! It's impossible not to be sensitive to his art once you step into his BW realm. A world where the most beautiful stories are told, where geometry meets poetry and colors replaced by timeless emotions. The result is a beautiful collection of melodious symmetries and soulful portraits that can only be captured with heart, like a movie with no script.